Vol 25, No 1 (2021)


Table of Contents

Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the UK and Beyond HTML
Emma Jane Jones, Anna Kawalek
A Proposal for Basic and Brief TJ Education: Promoting Academic, Ethical, and Vocational Objectives HTML
David Wexler


Engage, Explain, Encourage, Enforce: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Coronavirus Lockdown HTML
John Stannard
Driving Towards a More Therapeutic Future? The Untraced Drivers Agreement and Conscious Contracting HTML
James Marson, Hassan Alissa, Katy Ferris
Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Criminal Justice: The Price of Letting One Hundred Flowers Bloom HTML
Amanda Wilson
Same, same or different? Is trauma-informed sentencing a form of therapeutic jurisprudence? HTML
Katherine McLachlan
Therapeutic jurisprudence and the development of family courts in Ireland HTML
Paul Gavin
Therapeutic Jurisprudence in a Family Court in South Africa HTML
Gabriela Mckellar
Lawyers’ Self-perception and Therapeutic Advocacy HTML
Karni Perlman, Yael Ben-Saadon
Dispute Resolution in Refugee Family Reunion Law. Could Mediation Provide a More Therapeutic Solution? HTML
James Marson, Katy Ferris
The rule of lawyers: Applying therapeutic jurisprudence at the intersections of wellbeing, disciplinary proceedings and professionalism HTML
Emma Jane Jones

Book Reviews

“After the blood bath: Is healing possible in the wake of rampage shooting?” by James .D. Diamon HTML
Debarati Halder
Caring for Families in Court, An Essential Approach to Family Justice, by Babb and Moran (2019) HTML
Yarni Loi, Suzanne Chin
Book Review: Towards a more restorative and socializing criminal process Advances from therapeutic Justice HTML
Irene Salas-Menotti
The Re-imagined Lawyer HTML
Nabeela Siddiqui

ISSN: 2059-0881