Extending Protection Against Age Discrimination outside the Area of Employment

Krystyna Romanivna Bakhtina


The present article examines the protection against age discrimination in the European Union (EU). Currently EU legislation prohibiting age discrimination applies solely to the field of employment and occupation. However, as revealed in the research studies, Europeans are subject to age discriminatory practices in various areas of life beyond the area of work. Only few Member States provide a comprehensive protection against age discrimination outside the field of employment at domestic legislative level. In 2008 the EU Commission published a proposal for additional Directive prohibiting discrimination based on age, amongst other grounds, and extending the protection beyond the areas of employment. The proposal is for a long time on the discussion table by the European Council, thus, EU citizens still don’t have a protection against age discrimination when buying goods or accessing services, in the sphere of education and training or other areas. This issue has received a limited attention in academic literature. The scholarly research of the last few years did not concentrate on the age discrimination beyond employment, also not much has been said about the recent developments on the new anti-discrimination Directive proposed by the Commission. The present article discusses the topic of age discrimination outside the area of employment in the EU. It demonstrates the scale of the problem, reveals the limitations of the protection in the national legislations. The paper mainly argues the necessity to push forward the introduction of anti-discrimination Directive, which, it is believed, serves as a start towards fight against age discrimination outside the area of a workplace. 

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